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  Re: Rendering animations in Vista?  
From: Tim Cook
Date: 7 Oct 2010 10:08:18
Message: <4cadd452$1@news.povray.org>
On 2010-10-07 02:28, Thomas de Groot wrote:
> "Tim Cook"<z99### [at] gmailcom>  schreef in bericht
> news:4cacfb45$1@news.povray.org...
>> Running Moray 3.5 and calling POV-Ray 3.5 under Windows Vista
>> 32-bit...attempting to render an animation from within Moray results in
>> only 1 frame being rendered.
>> Rather urgently need solution to this problem (though I guess I could
>> install POV and Moray and make the project on an XP-based computer to
>> which I have access, but it's rather slower)
>> --
>> Tim Cook
>> http://empyrean.freesitespace.net
> Just to acknowledge reading your message: I am sorry not to be able to help
> you with this: I never did animations, and I run XP, not Vista.
> Maybe somebody out there knows an answer?

Well, I was able to run the animation on the XP machine, and it was 
surprisingly not that much slower than my current one (not being able to 
access both cores with POV 3.5 is probably the reason for that).

It took ca. 11 seconds per frame for a test animation, with the 
benchmark taking 2290 seconds (on my machine)...based on the benchmark 
time reduced to 70 s on am i7-920 per the benchmark listing site, that 
could cut the time needed to make the animation dropping from 2.75 hours 
to 5 minutes (in theory).  Of course, this is comparing apples to 
oranges, as that's a single-core score vs. a multi-core score on the 
benchmark...but I should probably learn how to operate POV features like 
animation outside of Moray anyhow, and so gain that time advantage.

Have a potential job doing CGI animations for a woodworking shop, and 
they use Rhino for modeling with their CAD/CAM device, so have a 
licensed version of Brazil to play with (and I wouldn't have to convert 
formats or anything, that way).  So that might be the way to go...

Tim Cook

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