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  Re: moray unable to launch POV  
From: Stephen
Date: 18 Feb 2010 01:43:59
Message: <4b7ce1af$1@news.povray.org>
BillF wrote:

>> I have been trying to get povray, moray, vista, and win7 to play with each other
>> since first "having" to run vista. But I found that running under win7 - moray
>> 3.5 - and povray 3.5 works well. I find marcs suggestions promising, but
>> cumbersome. Any other ideas out there?
> by the way I am Billf, and a long time user of both Moray and PovRay - tho lond
> ago. Need to bone up on both. ----  thanks for the forum, need someone to update
> me.

the Insert Code plugin which allows you to write SDL in Moray.
The other option is to use Bisgop3D (shareware), as mentioned by 

it for a couple of years now and other than creating meshes it can do as 
much or more than Moray. It is also under development and new features 
are being added. (Sometimes on request)


Best Regards,

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