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  Re: Importing UDO files into Moray???  
From: FlyerX
Date: 26 Feb 2009 18:47:11
Message: <49a729ff$1@news.povray.org>
larryfulkerson wrote:
> So um.......I found a really cool gastruck that I downloaded for free.  It was
> in 3ds format and I used PoseRay to convert it to a UDO format.  Now my problem
> is to get Moray to read it in.  I think I have to do an "import" of the file.
> But when I go to file->import-> I get two choices PDB and city coordinates.  So
> I'm wondering how to get Moray to import a UDO file.  Anybody know?
The import option in Moray is in the Create -> User Defined menu.


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