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  Re: Copy/Paste/Save Transform Plugin  
From: Arne Kleinophorst
Date: 21 Feb 2009 17:02:21
Message: <49a079ed$1@news.povray.org>

Hmm, even though i thought i know of all moray plugins I've never heard 
of that one. I'm not sure there ever was a release but I'd be glad to be 



Bridgeofstraws schrieb:
> Hi again,
> I wouldn't normally post 2 threads one right after the other on such similar
> topics but I figured it would be okay this once.  I just found another plugin
> (made by Neil Kolban in 2004) I was wondering the existence of...  It allows
> the copying of object transformations, which would make life significantly
> easier for my current project as well.  The plugin I'm talking about is
> discussed here:
>  Does anyone know the whereabouts of the plugin?  Thanks for all the help!  I
> only wish I had something of use to offer to this community.
> Bridgeofstraws

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