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  Re: Compiler to Use with Moray's Plugin SDK?  
From: Keith
Date: 3 Feb 2009 07:32:32
Message: <49883960$1@news.povray.org>

Can you printout your dir structure and the 1st few lines of the files that 
are looking for plugin.h, specifically the lines that say 'include 
It sounds like the compiler is looking in the wrong place for plugin.h, I 
always place the generic plugin files in the top level dir and reference 
them like so 'include "..\plugin.h"', since the for e.g. the Rounded Plugin 
files are in C:\StaticPlugin\Rounded and my plugin.h is in C:\StaticPlugin

There are a couple of errors in the sdk example files maneliterations 
instead of fractaliterations and irrc the a couple of the DEFINE macros are 
incorrectly specified but these might be because I have old copies, the 
newest versions should work.

Letme know if i can be of anymore help,

"Keith" <kei### [at] yahoocouk> wrote in message 
> DevC works fine, if i remember I'll check what my setup is over the 
> weekend,
> Regards,
> Keith
> "Bridgeofstraws" <bri### [at] inboxcom> wrote in message 
> news:web.49729c5185149d4ec5ec9c90@news.povray.org...
>> Hi,
>> I have tried compiling Moray's SDK's example dll files and I can't get 
>> them to
>> work because of a long list of errors, predominantly saying the file 
>> "plugin.h"
>> is missing.  The file exists and I have added it as a resource to the 
>> projects
>> but it doesn't seem to work.  I have never programmed in C or C++ before 
>> and
>> I've tried using VS2005.net and DevC++ but neither seem to allow it to 
>> work.  I
>> was wondering whether there is a free compiler that the moray SDK is 
>> known to
>> work with or if anyone here possibly knows what the problem might be. 
>> Thanks.
>> I can't wait to start making a few simple plugins!
>> Bridgeofstraws

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