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  Re: Source code?  
From: Arne Kleinophorst
Date: 10 Aug 2008 12:49:17
Message: <489f1c0d@news.povray.org>
Rob schrieb:
> well, it's now been 1 and a half years since POV obtained the rights to moray,
> and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere in the near future. So seeing as the
> POV team aren't doing anything with it, why not just release the source code
> under GPL and let the public deal with it? There's a few features I would like
> to add to moray (mainly built-in code input/animation support), but I have no
> way knowing how big a task that would be without being able to access the
> source. If the source was within my skill range, i would be happy to join some
> sort of development team, but I (and a few others by the looks of it) don't
> want to jump in at the deep end straight away.

Problem is that the source isn't nearly GPL. There are quite a few 
libraries and links belonging to a specific dominating company. So there 
are some people trying to 'clean' the code but this task is not an easy one.


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