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From: Warp
Date: 28 Sep 2007 06:06:22
Message: <46fcd21d@news.povray.org>
Patrick Elliott <sel### [at] rraznet> wrote:
> Oh good, yet another reason to not want to use it. Like sound working 
> differently so "all" DirectSound using games breaking, DRM being 
> embedded, which can, in some cases, screw up the sound from "non-
> approved" hardware, and a whole list of other BS things.

  Also many older hardware has stopped working in Vista because Vista
has no support them (even though XP has, go figure) and the hardware is
too old for the manufacturers to bother upgrading the drivers to Vista.

  This list was amusing:


  A few highlights:

"It will no longer run my Olympus digital camera or my Labtek Web cam."

"Microsoft Visual C++, TopStyle, TweakDUN, Opera and the free version
of PGP no longer work. The camera snap feature of Paint Shop Pro no
longer works. Visual Slick Edit(r) no longer lets you drag and drop
tool bars."

"It no longer supports WinHelp format. This was done to ensure older
programs would stop working."

"When you boot for the first time, it just sits there for about 20
minutes, looking for all the world like it is in a loop. It issues no
progress messages of any kind. Further it reboots several times
without telling you what it is up to. You can easily imagine it not
working properly."

"Vista has no index of file names, just contents of some of the files.
So when you ask it to search for a directory or file, it starts at the
beginning of disk C: and linearly searches all the disks."

"The recycle bin has a delete option. You would think this means
discard the files in the recycle bin, but instead it deletes the
recycle bin itself, without warning, something you would almost never
want to do."

"Deleting files is painfully slow, reminiscent of the top speed on an

> What is the point of making an OS that only *just* avoids making 
> everything stop working on it anyway? Just wondering. lol

  Strenghten the dependency of hardware manufacturers on Microsoft.

  Microsoft has already demonstrated how incredibly powerful they are
and how dependent hardware manufacturers are on them when they released
the requirement specs for certain hardware to work properly in Vista
(most prominently display hardware), and the hardware manufacturers
have had no other option than to submit and to spend money and resources
in creating compatible hardware.

  I think there's something very wrong when one single company can
dictate what a myriad of other companies must do, lest they make a
financial suicide. That sounds illegal. Monopoly laws anyone?

                                                          - Warp

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