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  Re: Moray no longer works :-(  
From: Stefan Viljoen
Date: 14 May 2006 03:27:20
Message: <4466dbd7@news.povray.org>
Steve Shelby spake:

> "Stefan Viljoen polard.com>" <spamnot@<removethis> wrote in message
> news:446614c5@news.povray.org...
>> This happened to me when I upgraded my graphics card (and obviously the
>> drivers for it).....>
> Hmmm, I recently upgraded my drivers for my video card at the prompting of
> XP when I was having a problem with deleting large numbers of emails at
> once, causing my screen to go to a resolution of about 400x300 and 8
> colors. I wonder if I should try a system restore?

Hey! Exactly (as in -exactly-) the same thing happened to me. The newest
NVidia "ForceWare" drivers (88.??) do -exactly- the same thing on my
GeForce 6800LE based card. The only ones that work with my games, the card
(i. e. XP does resolutions above 400x300x8 with it) and works with Moray
and Blender is the 77.77 version drivers.

You might try a system restore - my Windows install was overdue for a format
anyway (some other stuff was also screwed up after trying to play Silent
Hunter III - which replaces some CDROM drive drivers to ensure copy
protection of the game) so I just reformatted the entire system, installed
the 77.77 Nvidida drivers and now everything works.

Stefan Viljoen
Software Support Technician / Programmer
Polar Design Solutions

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