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  Re: Will there be a new Version of Moray?  
From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 11 Apr 2006 09:39:32
Message: <443bb194@news.povray.org>
"Stephen" <mca### [at] hotmailcom> schreef in bericht
> Jens,
> I like the idea of open source if someone else would do the work in
> developing Moray along with PovRay. But it is shareware and Lutz would
> to have a say. In ways I like it having one developer, there is little
> argument over what is being done. On the other hand. There is not much
> going on just now AFAICT, and the development towards more mesh editing
> capabilities is not the way I want it to go. But I'm not in charge so
> that's my misfortune.
I agree with that. I do not need sophisticated mesh editing in Moray as
there are several excellent other programs around which can do that. I only
would need good mesh conversion/export from Moray, which it does already
quite satisfactorily, imho.

> As for Moray having "no big future" I'll continue to use it as it is the
> best front end I know of, for PovRay. I don't need the newest, fastest
Absolutely true! I second that!
I use Moray quite often, either for building a complete scene, or for
building separate objects, depending on the way I want my scene to grow. And
it is so easy to wrap up everything together (Moray, external meshes) into a
final POV-Ray scene!


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