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From: StephenS
Date: 8 Dec 2005 18:00:41
Message: <4398bb19$1@news.povray.org>
> Yet another feature request.
> I'm finding that having usable hierarchical object names is incovenient,
> as well as running into the object name-length limit...but using
> hierarchical number scheme is troublesome to remember what it means.
> For example:
> HouseGroup.Room1Group.BaseboardCSG01.RoundingCSG.Curve
> vs.
> What'd be nice is a note or memo field for objects so I could have
> something like "House" for Group001, "Bedroom" for Group002, a subgroup
> of Group001, "Baseboard part 01" for CSG001, a part of Group002,
> "Rounding" for CSG002, a part of CSG001, and "Curve" for Cylinder001, a
> part of CSG002...and have those be viewable in the browser, so I don't
> have to rely on confusing or excessively long object names to find my
> way around a complex scene.
> --
> Tim Cook

I have not run into the 'object name-length limit' yet, but I could see
myself getting there some day.

In the Browser you get
  the name
  the material, if present
  the layer, if present
Would adding a forth entry be what your looking for?
  comment, if present

The 'Material Editor' has a comment option. How about when we 'right/click'
on an object in the Browser, one of the options in the drop down list is for
a view/edit comment? I would prefer this approach.

The last point in your post is interesting to me, 'find my way around a
complex scene'. I'm starting to have this in some of my scenes. I'm not sure
of any ideas to speed this up.


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