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From: Tim Cook
Date: 8 Dec 2005 17:58:08
Message: <4398ba80$1@news.povray.org>
Patrick Elliott wrote:
> Why not function like you get in other high level languages, which can 
> point to specific parts like:
> def <temp name> as object using GroupWallPlates
> or
> for each <temp name> in House.GroupWallPlaces
> Or something of that sort? You still have the layers of complexity in 
> there, but you can specify which level of that complexity you want as the 
> "base" starting point for referencing.

Not quire following that, but...for things which are identical, you can 
easily enough use duplicate.  For things which are *almost* identical, 
you need to make an actual copy to change the thing that's different. 
How about...some kind of macro?  I know, just make a .inc file for it, 
but if there were a way to do this inside Moray...?  I dunno.  ^^;

Tim Cook

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