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From: Tim Cook
Date: 23 Nov 2005 16:51:40
Message: <4384e46c@news.povray.org>
Yet another feature request.
I'm finding that having usable hierarchical object names is incovenient, 
as well as running into the object name-length limit...but using 
hierarchical number scheme is troublesome to remember what it means.
For example:



What'd be nice is a note or memo field for objects so I could have 
something like "House" for Group001, "Bedroom" for Group002, a subgroup 
of Group001, "Baseboard part 01" for CSG001, a part of Group002, 
"Rounding" for CSG002, a part of CSG001, and "Curve" for Cylinder001, a 
part of CSG002...and have those be viewable in the browser, so I don't 
have to rely on confusing or excessively long object names to find my 
way around a complex scene.

Tim Cook

Version: 3.12
GFA dpu- s: a?-- C++(++++) U P? L E--- W++(+++)>$
N++ o? K- w(+) O? M-(--) V? PS+(+++) PE(--) Y(--)
PGP-(--) t* 5++>+++++ X+ R* tv+ b++(+++) DI
D++(---) G(++) e*>++ h+ !r--- !y--

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