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From: Rafael
Subject: Annual Inform
Date: 7 Mar 2016 06:25:00
Message: <web.56dd6478c2b6eb0cb130f07c0@news.povray.org>
I guess a new version of PovRay and Moray for DOS will be very useful for me.

This year FreeRay2015 includes sixteen 3D objets with HTML documentation
(fourteen are DOS compatible) in this link
Previous versions in the new FreeRay subdomain

My code for animation in DOS advances slowly.I was concentrated in
my new commercial WEB page http://juegosenlazaruscostarricenses.com,
A lot of graphics and 3D objects for games are POVRay-Moray-Epspline related.

Comment about POVRay version in code:
I think a first line in POVRay Code

#version 3.7;

has many inconvenients.
So, I suggest..

#if ( version >= 3.7 )
  #version 3.7;
  // alternativas preferidas
  // soluciones alternativas

But it won't be possible if POVRay refuse to read the code.
This is not a problem now, but I'm worried about the compiler warnings.

Jesus and Marie bless you.

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