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From: PolyVinalDistillate
Subject: Version 0.0 Moray for Windows -> OpenSCAD exporter
Date: 21 Dec 2013 00:50:00
Message: <web.52b52b9bcc7f7cd64d109c590@news.povray.org>
I have recently bought a 3D printer and found all of the free modelling software
either buggy, cumbersome, or limited! OpenSCAD is good for those that have the
nack of programming scenes in a SDL, but sadly that's a learning curve I've only
ever got halfway up! (Aplogies to the POV-Ray purists!)

In an effort to make my 3D printer useful, I went hunting for the Moray
PluginSDK which I got about 8 years ago and knew was somewhere on my computer!
The attached zipfile contains sourcecode and the DLL for an export plugin I
threw together which can export the major primitives to OpenSCAD for conversion
to STL.

This plugin has only had about 12 hours of programming done on it so far, though
I may extend it later (it does everything I need it to do at the moment).
Consider it pre-version-number software!

Export geometry to OpenSCAD SDL for...
CSG, Group, cube, cone, sphere, cylinder, torus, Rotational sweep, references.
Supports local/world coordinate system used in Moray.

The generated OpenSCAD code isn't particularly easy to modify yet (I just wanted
to get models into OpenSCAD and not modify them afterwards), however I am
considering the possibility of adding more features at a later stage and
reaching version 0.01!

I contacted Lutz Kretzschmar regarding release of this plugin and who I should
tell about it. He suggested contacting the POV-Ray development team, but I
couldn't find a direct email so gave up!

Install by copying the .dll into the Moray V3.5 plugin directory. This will add
an opeion to the export menu.

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Download 'oscadexport.rar.dat' (315 KB)

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