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  Re: Recompile  
From: Fredray
Date: 20 May 2020 18:40:00
Message: <web.5ec5b0a86d93b1835e31e2db0@news.povray.org>
Thorsten <tho### [at] trfde> wrote:
> On 06.05.2020 08:51, Fredray wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I just learned from Lutz that the POV-Team had the rights to the Moray software
> > and I would like to ask you if you could do a recompile on Windows 10  to remove
> > the bug with the export of the code for povray 3.5 ?
> > I don't ask a new version with new features, just a recompile.
> >
> > Do you think that it will be possible ?
> No, it is not possible to just compile ancient code with new compilers.
> If that was so trivial, don't you think Moray would have been released
> with that support already?
> Thorsten

Hi Thorsten,

I didn't know that the new compilers couldn't recompile the ancien code. I
thought the compilers would just identify the deprecated classes and that it was
easy to change, because C++ is a standard language. Lutz said me that the rights
of Moray software belong to the POV-Team, so I thought there was no problem
either. I guess the problem is pretty technical from what you say. Is Moray's
code not well commented? Maybe Lutz could give some leads, I don't know. It's a
shame to let this tool die, because it's well thought out in use.

Best Regards


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