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  Re: POV specific Blender workspace  
From: LanuHum
Date: 18 Dec 2016 02:40:00
Message: <web.58563cc07e4bbbf154103ad20@news.povray.org>
Stephen <mca### [at] aolcom> wrote:

> One* question. Previously I changed the Blender materials in Povray I am
> not familiar with Blender materials and textures.
> Does the PovRay material file require a specific name?
> Can you have multiple PovRay material files in Blender?
> Did you write a module to use nodes similar to Cycles? I liked the idea
> of nodes as it seems more user friendly. If you did not, please don't
> rush off and do it. It is only a question.
> * Never was good at counting. :)
> --
> Regards
>      Stephen

Mr has complete control over this version exporter.
I reminded him about your question.
Wait for his response.


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