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  POV specific Blender workspace  
From: Mr
Date: 12 Dec 2016 11:45:01
Message: <web.584ed39b6af3726616086ed00@news.povray.org>
Since it was suggested in the POV-Ray Google Trends discussion thread by several
persons, and even though it doesn't feel right, I post the default Blender file
for POV-Ray users who want to learn Blender in this section (hoping we will one
day have a Blender section or that this one will include the software name in
its title along Moray)

This file has been requested in the above discussion. You can make it the
default file right after opening it by pressing CTRL+U and saving the defaults.

It is oriented to texture writing with a big text file open so that you don't
feel lost when coming from POV background without the habit of a GUI.

The 3D view can be rotated with middle mouse, and returned to Camera by Numpad 0
The render is launched with F12.
Any shortcut will act depending on the window currently under the mouse.

Try to change the text and hit F12 to see if this UI layout is ok for you to
develop textures. Otherwise, please, report back any change you would want to
see so you can start learning Blender with our help.
A copy of the file is also temporarily hosted here for 5 months :

Thanks for your attention and enjoy!

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Download 'pov_workspace_1.blend.dat' (544 KB)

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