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  Re: TomTree rar file  
From: Stephen
Date: 9 Feb 2007 04:40:00
Message: <web.45cc40a647a39119f1cb1e660@news.povray.org>
"pa_breed" <nomail@nomail> wrote:
> Hello,
> my name is Peta. i was asked to post in a newsgroup for an assessment
> in my current IT course.
> While i'm here though would anyone be able to point me in the right
> direction... i would like to eventually build computers and
> investigate and create new hardware. does anybody know the
> qualifications i will naeed to do this?

Hi Peta, well you have successfully posted in a news group.
I say successfully but one of the first rules is to read the FAQs. If you
had done so then you would have realised that this newsgroup is only for
binary files concerned with the Moray modeller for Pov-Ray. This server is
for the use of people discussing Pov-Ray related matters.
I am glad that you have an interest in hardware it is a very interesting
subject. But to give you a meaningful answer would require knowing a few
things about you. For instance what country you live in, as I could not
give advise to someone living outside the UK. What is your first language,
your age, educational qualifications etc?
There is a news group on the server called Off Topic where your questions
might be answered. It is not visible via the webview so you would need to
use a news reader, Outlook has one.


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