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  Domer Plugin, TMI Plugin C++  
From: The Nerd Show
Date: 30 Jun 2005 19:35:01
Message: <web.42c47ffbbf390932a797a0a60@news.povray.org>
I am releasing two plugins for Moray 3.5.

Domer Plugin (With RanDome) for Moray 3.5  pushes your polyhedron palette,
delegating the difficulties of digital dome design to the desktop.
Triangulation and tessellation of the 5 platonic solids,  cube tetrahedron,
octahedron, icosahedron, and dodecahedron, gives you a a plethora of
polytopes to play with at your next polygon party.  Well, it beats watching
the tube.  Also included are icosidodecahedron and octahexacube.

"RanDome" Plugin.  This random hull creation tool helps you to model
natural-looking objects, such as rocks, potatoes, pine cones, flowers,
nuts, seeds, etc.  Although it deserves a title of its own, I have included
it inside the above Domer plugin.

Technical note:  Domer objects will not render in the PoV raytracer until
you convert them to mesh from the Edit menu.  This may change in a future


TMI Plugin (Triangle Mesh Importer, Now With VRML Export).  This plugin for
Moray 3.5 sews together up to 1,000 individual triangles into one
contiguous mesh.  We all know there is nothing worse on your first internet
date than looking down and realizing your avatar's mesh has decomposed into
triangles, ..right?  The extra vertices and edges lead to limp browser
performance, not to mention hair loss.  Well, use this mesh enhancement
add-on to sew them back together into a more rigid and durable structure!
Also handy for importing raw triangle collections from programs, such as
AutoCad .DXF, .PoVRay .POV or .INC (might work with others).

VRML Exporter (Included in the TMI plugin, above).  This tool exports a mesh
of triangles or quads to .WRL (VRML97 Indexed Face Set), so you can use
Moray's superior interface for online 3D content creation.  The VRML export
does not support primitives.  I saw no need for this, since Moray can
easily convert primitives to mesh, prior to export.  Mesh objects render
faster in VRML anyway.  And, finally, primitives aren't known for their
social behavior.  They could, for example, decide to render differently
than expected.

I have attached the domer plugin.  The TMI plugin is available on my
website, www.thenerdshow.com


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