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  Re: The Duplicate2 plugin for your convenience  
From: Arne Kleinophorst
Date: 22 Mar 2007 07:05:18
Message: <460270fe@news.povray.org>
The Readme, originally attached to the plugin:

Dublicate2 v0.4,

Dublicate2 is a Moray v3.2/v3.3 Plugin, giving a new duplication dialog.
The duplication of the objects is randomised, with adjustable values for
the area, the sizing and the rotation The objects will be created randomly
with a given seed value and added to a csg group. In V0.2 there's a new
option to place the duplicated objects. You can use certain objects as
boundaries for the randomised creation. Supported boundary objects in v0.3
  Heightfield (Only TRUE-COLOR TGA files)

when using a heightfield, the objects will be created on the surface of
this heightfield, using the appropriate z-value

v0.1 first version of the plugin using OWL

v0.2 new version without OWL
  * Cancel Button inserted
  * Icon added to Plugin List
  * scaling bug fixed
  * possibility to use certain objects as boundaries added
  * smaller bugs fixed

v0.3 add new functions
  * uniform scaling
  * create reference object
  * add original object to CSG
  * distance controll
  * new boundary object - Cone

v0.4 bugs fixed
  * new scaling function

If you should have any problems, ideas, questions or critics, feel free to
contact me
  ste### [at] studuni-rostockde

Thomas de Groot schrieb:
> Here it is!
> Just put it in the plugin directory.
> Thomas

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