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  Help please  
From: Remy Closset
Date: 18 Sep 2005 04:55:11
Message: <432d2b6f@news.povray.org>
Hi all

I imported meshes in last Moray beta build 9370. When I'm launching the
rendering, I get the following message

File: essai.pov  Line: 17461
    <4, 45, 89>, 0,

    <31, 90, 46>, 1, <----ERROR

Parse Error: Texture index out of range in mesh2.
Returned from renderer with error status

If I  kill all the original textures of the meshes, it works correctly with
the default red color of moray.
Only the branches of the glasses accept a newer texture.
I tried to rename each mesh. No result.
I tried to assign a different material to each mesh. No result to.
Have somebody an idea?

Thanks for your help


I join the mdl file, called essai.mdl
You can only open with the beta version

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Download 'essai.mdl.dat' (400 KB)

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