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  Re: Domer Plugin, TMI Plugin C++  
From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 9 Jul 2005 03:27:07
Message: <42cf7c4b@news.povray.org>
"Henry" <use_the_feedback_form@site> schreef in bericht
> New improved versions of both plugins are out now.  Many of the problems
> fixed.  I went ahead and converted everything to use spinners, since
> all anyone can seem to figure out.  I went a step further and had the
> spinner update the text label.  Seems to work fine.

Excellent, Henry! ...and almost perfect!
What I would like now, are the platonic objects to be oriented *correctly*
in their most basic shape, i.e. with subdivision 0. So, the octahedron would
be balanced on its point, the cube and tetrahedron on one of their faces,
etc. like in the example small images.
Would that be possible?


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