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  Re: Domer Plugin, TMI Plugin C++  
From: leseur sylvain
Date: 4 Jul 2005 12:50:02
Message: <42c968ba@news.povray.org>
Great, but why do you call it "Dome"?
What's in the futur version?
A great interest for TMI, but i can't download it?

> I am releasing two plugins for Moray 3.5.
> Domer Plugin (With RanDome) for Moray 3.5  pushes your polyhedron palette,
> delegating the difficulties of digital dome design to the desktop.
> Triangulation and tessellation of the 5 platonic solids,  cube
> octahedron, icosahedron, and dodecahedron, gives you a a plethora of
> polytopes to play with at your next polygon party.  Well, it beats
> the tube.  Also included are icosidodecahedron and octahexacube.
> "RanDome" Plugin.  This random hull creation tool helps you to model
> natural-looking objects, such as rocks, potatoes, pine cones, flowers,
> nuts, seeds, etc.  Although it deserves a title of its own, I have
> it inside the above Domer plugin.
> Technical note:  Domer objects will not render in the PoV raytracer until
> you convert them to mesh from the Edit menu.  This may change in a future
> release.
> ===================
> TMI Plugin (Triangle Mesh Importer, Now With VRML Export).  This plugin
> Moray 3.5 sews together up to 1,000 individual triangles into one
> contiguous mesh.  We all know there is nothing worse on your first
> date than looking down and realizing your avatar's mesh has decomposed
> triangles, ..right?  The extra vertices and edges lead to limp browser
> performance, not to mention hair loss.  Well, use this mesh enhancement
> add-on to sew them back together into a more rigid and durable structure!
> Also handy for importing raw triangle collections from programs, such as
> AutoCad .DXF, .PoVRay .POV or .INC (might work with others).
> VRML Exporter (Included in the TMI plugin, above).  This tool exports a
> of triangles or quads to .WRL (VRML97 Indexed Face Set), so you can use
> Moray's superior interface for online 3D content creation.  The VRML
> does not support primitives.  I saw no need for this, since Moray can
> easily convert primitives to mesh, prior to export.  Mesh objects render
> faster in VRML anyway.  And, finally, primitives aren't known for their
> social behavior.  They could, for example, decide to render differently
> than expected.
> I have attached the domer plugin.  The TMI plugin is available on my
> website, www.thenerdshow.com
> Enjoy!

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