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  Re: Domer Plugin, TMI Plugin C++  
From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 3 Jul 2005 03:03:57
Message: <42c78ddd@news.povray.org>
"The Nerd Show" <nomail@nomail> schreef in bericht
> I am releasing two plugins for Moray 3.5.
Thanks for the good work!
> I have attached the domer plugin.  The TMI plugin is available on my
> website, www.thenerdshow.com
I have tried Domer. I am less interested in TMI, so, for the time being, I
left it aside.

Domer works fine. One little bug only: the word 'Scale' appears at the top
right while it should be above the appropriate toggles lower down.

Changing the platonic forms does not immediately changes the object on
screen, but only after toggling one of the other buttons. That is annoying
because one wants to see the different forms right away and only afterwards
change the settings.

In fact, I wonder if the name is appropriate as the object created is not
strictly a 'dome' (like the dome plugin by Philippe Gibone, which I
recommend). A (terrible!) name could be 'PlatoBuilder'    :-)    oh,


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