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  Re: Ingo's make mesh include and udo support (3x40k png)  
From: StephenS
Date: 26 Jan 2004 20:07:18
Message: <4015b9c6@news.povray.org>
> It looks like I have it working now :-)
> I've e-mailed Ingo asking if he's interested in adding Moray's udo format
> to his makemesh.inc.

I have received a response;
Yes. If questions about *.udo support are redirected to me.
> Did you also test it with an object with hundredtousands of triangles?

Here are some other things I've tested.

Testing it with msm.pov, and upping the resolution :
   MSM(An, 300, "q",  300, "test_msm.udo")     // 100, "c", 100
gave me 90601 vertices with 180000 triangles.
At this size Moray opened the .udo file and rendered the scene (a texture
had to be assigned). The object was converted into a Moray mesh object (can
now be edited with the mesh editor) and rendered the scene. One level of
surface subdivision (ss) was applied to the mesh and rendered.

Some stats:
test_msm.udo 9 074kb ( [:Edges] are not optimized)
test_msm.inc 10 905kb
testjunk_udo_msm.pov 17 521kb
testjunk_udo_msm.pov 73 628kb (1 level of ss)

Stats from POV-Ray
   Largest 12 960 024 bytes
   Peak memory used 34 256 831 bytes
testjunk_udo_msm.png (1 level of ss)
   Largest 51 840 024 bytes
   Peak memory used 136 485 671 bytes

With 180 000 triangles I found my computer to slow. 1gHz AMD Duron 512mb
memory. It would be impracticable for me to use this in a scene in Moray.

The resulting *.udo file does not have optimized [filename:Edges], most are
listed twice. It would not be possible to tell if a quad is in the middle of
a mesh or at the edge/corner.

Comments welcome.


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