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  Ingo's make mesh include and udo support (3x40k png)  
From: StephenS
Date: 25 Jan 2004 17:15:11
Message: <40143fef@news.povray.org>
I have been trying to add Moray's udo file format to Ingo's makemesh.inc.

I seem to have the basic udo mesh part working, but not the required
include file. This would require generating two files at once, the
Myfile.udo and Myfile.inc.

The included pictures are based on twovar.pov with the mesh resolution
reduced from 200x200 to 50x50 and my modified makemesh.inc.
   TwoVarSurf(F2,<-6,6>,<-6,6>,50,50,"twovar.udo")      // 200,200

In POV-Ray I opened and rendered twovar.pov with the above changes. In Moray
I started with the default scene (camera and light) and:
'Create\User Defined' (imported the udo file)
'Edit\Convert To Mesh'
Created a material based on the one from twovar.pov
   pigment{checker color rgb <0,0,0.2> color rgb <1,0.85,0.85> scale 1/6}
   finish{specular 0.4}
Added material to mesh
'Use UV Mapping'
Create New Mapping 'XY' 'Generate' (I think)
Played with camera and lights :-)

The second picture is supposed to look jagged because udo's are imported
with flat triangles and the resultant mesh also has flat triangles.
The last picture is supposed to look smoother because surface subdivision
adds more triangles and normals are calculated.

twovar.png, output of twovar.pov
testjunk_udo_ss1.png, exported surface subdivision set to 1

Comments welcome.


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Preview of image 'twovar.png'

Preview of image 'testjunk_udo.png'

Preview of image 'testjunk_udo_ss1.png'


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