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From: William Tracy
Subject: Ratings for "In the Wilderness" stills round
Date: 25 Feb 2008 01:10:22
Message: <47c25bce$1@news.povray.org>
Since I can't get the system to acknowledge my ratings, I thought I 
would share them here for now:

Lost in January

Artistic 15
Concept 10
Technical 10

I would have liked to see more from the already-fallen snow. 

have helped out here a lot. The shadows in the foreground also suffer 
from the low quality settings on the focal blur.

simply using translucent spheres, or actual media, but the effect works 
well. Excellent use of fog, as well.

Trapped Wilderness

Artistic 15
Concept 20
Technical 10

I like the concept here. My main criticism is the lack of details in 
this image. I know this image was turned in at least a full week before 

little touches. The radiosity looks like it could stand to have the 
quality bumped up, too.


Artistic 18
Concept 10
Technical 5

a raytracing competition entry. The rocks and the figure are very well 
done. The fog seems a bit heavy, though.

Serenity ... In the Wilderness

Artistic 10
Concept 10
Technical 10

In general, I like what I see here. The shadows seem much too hash, though.

The Border of the Shire

Artistic 10
Concept 10
Technical 10

I like the low-growing plants in this image. The trees bother me a 

like it could be improved with radiosity, but looking at your render 

Wilderness Reborn

Artistic 20
Concept 15
Technical 20

Wonderful use of the ivy generator.

Unfortunately, the bare ground is a bit disappointing. I would expect it 
to be swallowed up by plants long before the ivy starts attacking the 
rockwork. More bushes are in order here.

level of fog you have.

That said, the stone texture in this image is amazing. After reading 

Wings3D. Would you care to comment on how those programs compare, and 
how you decided on which one you used for each part?

Lost Faith

Artistic 20
Concept 5
Technical 10

Far Out

Artistic 18
Concept 18
Technical 10

No doubt some people will complain that this image looks amateurish, but 
I like it. It is clear and uncluttered, with clean shapes. The planet in 

at home with the rest of the picture.

Fractal Wilderness

Artistic 15
Concept 18
Technical 10

am looking at a body of water. Maybe go for a lighter shade of blue, and 
add some fractal clouds?

Those issues aside, this is a real fun image.

William Tracy
afi### [at] gmailcom -- wtr### [at] calpolyedu

Live by the code, die by the code.

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From: Jan Dvorak
Subject: Re: Ratings for "In the Wilderness" stills round
Date: 25 Feb 2008 01:30:51
Message: <47c2609b$1@news.povray.org>
a question on The lost sanctuary: what do the loose chains symbolise if 
the ultimate time-killer:
+a0.0 +am2 +r9

Johnny D

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