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From: Skip Talbot
Subject: Anxiously awaiting results
Date: 7 Jul 2004 01:36:26
Message: <40eb8bda$1@news.povray.org>
Well, I submitted my first entry into the IRTC.  I did not have enough time
to complete the image that I had pictured in my mind, but I thought I better
submit it anyway just to see how I do.  I hope I am not looked down on for
submitting "crap."  It was a great learning experience for me, and probably
the first time I had to produce an image under a deadline.

My downfall was trying out too many new things.  For a two month contest you
have to stick to your guns and put something down that you know how to do.
I spent 90% my effort trying to get media to cooperate and make Chris
Colefax's fur work with the scene's lighting (which was a total bust).  I
can output quite a decent picture under that timeframe if I know what I'm
doing, and this is going to be my strategy for when I compete again.

As far as the loss of IRTC quality.  I think you guys miss Gilles Tran,
Norbert Kern, H.E. Day, and others.  The Bryce renderings have always been
there, but yes there are a great many now thanks to the participating Bryce
class.  I don't think that's a bad thing at all... if anything its going to
make the rest of us look better. hehe.  To me the IRTC, like POV-Ray, is a
community open to all.  I think it would be too snooty to turn these entries
away or have image qualifying before they are voted on.

Good luck to those waiting on results and to those rendering sand dunes.  ;)

Skip Talbot

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