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  Inability to vote  
From: milco2006
Date: 24 Jun 2008 12:25:01
Message: <web.48611f4ef4c9e9444b71cf790@news.povray.org>

Not sure if anyone really looks at this frequently enough for anyone to notice
before the end of voting however...

Basically despite entering the competition this month I can't vote. It
acknowledges that I cannot vote for my own entry because I entered it however
it then says that I cannot vote on the other entries either.

Also congrats to everyone as some great images. I still like my concept but the
execution of other peoples pictures is absolutely unbelievable, some truly
fantastic raytracing.


P.S to whoever asked about the string, it is really very simple. Just a neat bit
of translated and randomly rotated torii with some texturing applied.

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