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  Re: _The Mother Hive_ comments  
From: Stephen
Date: 28 Nov 2007 07:35:00
Message: <web.474d5fa9269f5e35726bd13c0@news.povray.org>
Shay <Sha### [at] cccc> wrote:
> Stephen wrote:
>  > There were comments by some at the end of the competition. I
>  > commented an all of the entries as did some of the earliest
>  > entrants. (Steve I think we have a bug) If anyone else comments I
>  > will add my own.
> Add them now. I'm sure the others would appreciate it. I have heard many
> say that feedback is among the most important rewards for their
> participation in the IRTC/TC-RTC.

Well that is true but when I put down my thoughts on the images I sounded quite
critical, especially concerning shadows. Also as someone was very critical

seem petty. Well the rough with the smooth, it should not be a mutual
appreciation society.

>  > As for Lot 271828, it is part of a series that I will post links
>  > to when I am finished the one that I am working on now.  You are
>  > right about the human sacrifice, though.
> Planning a novel? So far (I've only seen the one image/description)
> you've got an appropriate back-story for an ancient relic, secret
> society, or time-travel tale.
>   -Shay

A novel? No. About a year ago I had a short conversation with Sabrina concerning
the differences between Top down or bottom up methods of building a scene. I
generally do bottom up and as I was just starting a new scene I have taken note
of how it has developed from one idea to another. Going from an idea that Gail
Shaw had to what I am working on just now.

As a teaser here was my reply to the criticism. I missed the comp deadline by a
day :)
BTW RUDE WARNING this image may offend. As I am an ex oil worker I am sure that
you will be OK.


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