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  Re: Before and After - comments  
From: milco2006
Date: 10 May 2007 14:45:01
Message: <web.4643677e43239971d83f96c20@news.povray.org>
Hey, it seems a while since the end of the last competition however I
thought I might share my tupence worth on the images seeingas I said I
would. Apologies for the wait but uni eams are happening.

"But which came first" - David Lewis
I like the concept and quite an original take on the topic despite the well
known nature of the question. I love the scene and my only slight critisism
would be the hay which looks slightly strange. However overall I like the

"*Mild Nudity*" - Bill Pragnell
As with another post I would second the thought about whther mild was the
correct word! However back to the picture ... One technical comment comes
to mind in particular; I love that wall! I will definatly be taking a look
at the macro if/when you let us all see it.

"A type of typewriter" - Shay
I love the original use of povray and in terms of the technical nature of
the picture I was very impressed and certainly dont understand how it was
made. In terms of its relevance to the topic, well there have been a few
ideas posted by others, however I would like to hear how you thought it
conveyed 'before and after'.

You already have heard a few of my thoughts on this image. I love the
photorealism in the upper picture and am in complete admiration of the the
time and skill put into the image. The only thought I had when I looked at
the picture was, 'Is the lower picture even necessary'. The amazingness of
the upper picture told the whole story for me but ye it is awesome.

"Ageing" - William Tracey
The concept of this image certainly paints a vivid before and after. The
minimilistic approach used is not one that I am usually a fan of however in
this image you have really made the two items work to convey the idea of
before and after.

"1st Cup" - Mike C
The idea is great and it is certainly one that almost everyone can associate
with, coffee drinker or not. As mentioned elsewhere, somehow a bit of double
image or some kind of blurriness to the objects and particularly the table
edge may add to it. I know that has been mentioned elsewhere though and
already discussed.

"Reganomics" - Brian Price
For a first scene it looks very good and I like the concept. In terms of
things to perhaps think about improving; it would be nice to see some more
realistic smoke, at the moment it looks a little solid so perhaps some well
used media would help that. Also the tarmac somehow isnt quite right, it
looks slightly shiny. And also everything is very clean so perhaps a little
less perfection would help the scene on the right and help increase the
contrast. The last of these I must admit I am still figuring out in my
scenes so just takes practice I guess. However great scene and would love
to see more from you in the future.

"A time of change" - Thomas de Groot
A wonderful scene and certainly a wonderful story to go alongside. Things
that particularly stand out is the little boy just hop scotching onto the
first scene as this adds motion to the whole scene very nicely. I also
really like the textures of the walls. One thing that I feel detracts
slightly is the brightness of the posters through the arch in the middle.
To me this draws the eye out of the courtyard. Perhaps dulling these a
little would make them less distracting. In terms of the second image, it
is also truly excellent and a lovely transition. Just one question; where
do the kids play hop scotch now?

"This to that" - ~steve~
I really like the foreground however in some way find the background
workshop really distracting. Ignoring the background the image is really
nice and I like the composition. You personally mentioned a desire to put
in some 'dirt' to make it look less clean and this would indeed help with
the photorealism side of the picture (not that I want to mention the word
photorealism too loudly!). For photorealism it may also be worth
considering perhaps making the tools have a slightly more used look. For
example metal that is used tends to become shinier. Just a few thoughts on
a great image.

Well I hope these comments are in someway useful. Also just to say that I
really enjoyed the images this round as they were very diverse yet all
trying to convey the same idea. Cant wait to see the next round already.


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