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  Re: Before and After and new website  
From: Mike the Elder
Date: 7 May 2007 10:35:01
Message: <web.463f38ba62a9bf11d44974430@news.povray.org>
Thanks to William Tracy and Tek for the comments.

As it happens, I did briefly consider some sort of double vision effect for

disables any previously specified cameras when a new one is added.  I

this. (If anyone happens to know the answer, the info would be

of how well a given group of settings was working.  I ended up having time
to run only three versions and having to use the one that came closest to
what I wanted even though I saw much room for improvement.  The lighting on

image to the greatest extent possible.  I wanted everything to be even
cleaner and brighter and sharper than in real life.  I knew that I was
sacrificing some photo-realism for the purpose of emphasizing mood, but
given the way folks have responded, I suppose I ought to give some
consideration to the notion that I may have leaned too far in that

Now is probably as good a time as any to share a few thoughts I have
regarding what seems to be an assumption with respect photo-realism that
often enters into discussion of ray trace images.  I would like to preface
these remarks by stating categorically that I appreciate all constructive
criticism in the helpful spirit in which it is intended and am genuinely
thankful towards those who have given their time and effort in regard.
This being said, I would encourage anyone who does engage in criticism of
ray trace art (or in the making of it) to refrain from assuming that the

goal.  The folks who have worked so hard to develop the capability of the
software to produce ever increasing levels of realism are to be
congratulated for their achievement and thanked for having given artists
new choices and new tools.  Certain artists have creatively used this
capacity for advanced optical realism to produce stunning and sophisticated
works of art.  IMHO, however, it is a mistake to assume categorically that a
more realistic work is inherently superior to one that is less realistic.
My personal preference with respect to my own work is to create images that

aesthetically pleasing. (Magritte and de Chirico are among my favorite
painters.)  The power of art lies largely in its potential to create new
worlds to experience rather than simply replicating the existing one.
Given the subjective nature art, that which makes an image more pleasing to
one person is bound to make it less pleasing to another.  There is no single
objectively correct point of view.  Working toward the nth degree of realism
is a choice, not an obligation.

I note that I have gotten a bit long winded here and promise to avoid making
a habit of it.

Again, my profound thanks to all who participate in making ray trace art
work a community enterprise.

Best Regards,
 -Mike C.

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