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  Re: Before and After and new website  
From: Brian A  Price
Date: 4 May 2007 23:15:01
Message: <web.463bf3ad62a9bf114af133620@news.povray.org>

I apologize for the late comments; I just haven't had
much time lately.

First I would like to thank ~Steve~ for the work it has
taken to continue the contests.  I never had the chance
to participate in the IRTC, so being able to participate
in this contest really made my day :-)

"But which came first?" by David Lewis
This image is great.  The work on the fence is just amazing.
I can't imagine all the work it must have taken to make the
chicken, but I love the chicken.  The lighting really makes
all of it blend together well.  Nice job!

"Just a splash" by Bill Pragnell
I like the concept.  In my opinion, the bricks and the lighting
really make this image.  The lighting in the "after" image really
brings out the details of the glass.  Beautiful entry!  And when
you finish with your brick weathering macro, do share! ;-)

"The Passing Away" by Malcolm Findlay
The first thing that struck me when saw this image was the
name on the headstone.  It says in your text file that you
were trying to convey "the liveliness, beauty that exist before
death which post-death becomes a mere memory and shadow of
these things", but I can't seem to get past my own thoughts of
what has happened to the IRTC.  The ray-traced image for the
picture by the headstone is fantastic.  The grass, the dirt,
the headstones, the wall in the background, the petals for the
flower, all in all it looks like it took a lot of work but
obviously worth it.  Wonderful concept and nice image!

"A Type of Typewriter" by Shay
This is an image I would like as a poster on my wall -
somewhat abstract yet logical.  I don't quite understand how
this was created as I think it's over my head.  But it's
beautiful none the less.  Nice work!

"Yet Another Reflective Sphere on a Checkered Plane" by Tekno Frannansa
Truly inspiring.  I even like the "before" image! ;-)
Not much else comes to mind except that it's a great concept,
and just an incredible image.  Something to study when I get
the time.  Thank you for sharing your work!

"Aging" by William Tracy
I think this image is great just by - but not limited to -
its simplicity and the concept - expressing age through
objects one would own at different periods of time through
life.  Those glasses look difficult to create, but the cane
is just wonderful - the texture, the highlights.  Nice work!

"1st Cup of the Morning" by Michael Chelmecki
If we had the chance to vote in this contest, I would probably
vote for this image.  Not only can I so thoroughly relate
to what this image expresses, but to so eloquently express
that feeling through an image is incredible.  The kitchen
appliances, the other objects, the lighting, the cup -
really nice work!

"A Time of Change (before and after)" by Thomas de Groot
Both before and after images are really impressive.  The
textures on the walls in the "before" image, the houses,
and all the other objects in both scenes are very nice.
I think what impresses me the most - beside the fantastic
work on the objects and textures in these scenes - is your
ability to bring out the human feeling in the models.
Really nice work!

"This to That" by Steve Paget
This is simply amazing work.  I don't even want to think
of the time it would take me to create some of those objects
in Wings.  Even without considering the time constraints
you must have had, I think you did an amazing job on this
image.  Nice concept as well!

So there you have it.  If I failed to mention anything anyone
created here that they especially liked about their work, please
don't take it personally; I'm new to commenting as I'm new to
entering these contests.  And thanks again for giving me the
opportunity to participate.  I had a lot fun.

~Brian A.

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