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  Re: Before and After and new website  
From: milco2006
Date: 2 May 2007 08:45:01
Message: <web.463886f362a9bf11af38a6540@news.povray.org>

Just wanted to say thanks to mike for his comments. Also you mentioned:


I was aware of this problem before sending the image in and was slightly
annoyed I couldnt seem to sort it out. Basically the idea was to have a
fractal inside the recess. Like on real gravestones there is always some
carved symbol for the regement and so I thought the fractal might do nicely
for the povers regement. I implemented this early on in my work on the
picture and back then the lighting was such that the fractal showed nicely.
However to get the longer shadows and more pleasing lighting it became hard
to see the fractal. In the slight rush of exams and the approaching
deadline I played with it but failed to fix it hence its near invisiblness.
Any suggestions on an easy fix would be appreciated.

Also to Bruno, it is always wonderful to hear comments and thoughts on the
pictures so, despite not entering, please post them.


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