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  Re: Pseudo IRTC - TINA CHeP Entries  
From: Bruno Cabasson
Date: 9 Mar 2007 12:20:00
Message: <web.45f196c7e18621b9f5fba6ef0@news.povray.org>
Verm <pov### [at] thirteeendynucom> wrote:
> St. wrote:
> >   Good morning IRTCers!
> >
> >    Here you can view the entries for the Pseudo IRTC Stills topic - TINA
> > CHeP (This Is Not A CHeckered Plane):
> >
> >      http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/3dextra/
> Many thanks for hosting and organising this.
> Finally got a chance to try to comment.
> I was particularly struck by the wide variety of styles of the images.
> I think my favourite images were Steve Shelby's mice - you just can't go
> wrong with cute cartoon animals and bad puns, and Bill Pragnell's knot,
> but I liked all of the others too.
> --
> Malcolm's "Evolution of TINA CheP" : I liked the concept and the
> simple(ish) setting works nicely. I'd almost have been tempted to give
> one of the mannequins a spear, and if they could have smoothly
> uncurled/morphed from the sphere... no I like it as it is.
> ---
> Thomas's "Perils of Tina" : Another take on the concept that made me
> grin and some impressively expressive figures. I'm not quite sure what's
> happening between the two central figures but it makes you look again.
> --
> Andrey's "Crash" : Nice "simple" looking image that works very well.
> --
> My (Verm's) tc2
> I ran out of time with both the image and the description as I was away
> for then end of Feb and beginning of March.
> The scene was composed and designed from a player's point of view
> sitting behind the board locked in an underground vault with someone
> coming in from a tunnel to the left but the composition didn't work.
> I asked a colleague's opinion and his response was "well if I was
> photographing that scene...." so I moved the camera half a dozen times
> until we ended up with the scene shown. He's an amateur photographer and
> said he enjoyed the process of "taking pictures without a camera" :-)
> I'm glad you liked the concept and amused it worked out nicely from the
> last minute change of viewpoint.
> The textures still need work: I think the board needs blurred
> reflections and although I'm pleased I got my procedural brick patterns
> to work they're currently far too clean looking for an old brick vault.
> The knight's hiding behind the king. (I made a nice knight but he's a
> totally different style to the other pieces.)
> As I said the end result wasn't stunning but I had fun learnt and
> finished my first purely imaginary scene, so thanks again for running
> the round.
> --
> Steve's "Tina entertains..." : Tsk Tsk, you're definately showing her in
> a bad light :- ).
> --
> Mike's "Here's looking at hues, kid" : Nice scene, very nice modelling
> and very on topic.
> --
> Jim's "This is not a checkered plane" : I was intrigued and almost
> frustrated wanting to see through the chequers to the figures :-)
> --
> Malcolm's TC Spheres : retro image with nice ripples.
> --
> Bruno's "Povlab" : obviously far better in the big format in pbi (or
> even in the large format scaled down to avoid the aliasing) and then
> there's so much to look at. One thing ... would refraction have made the
> light sabre case look more glass like? (I know the scene was only just
> finished in time and was very slow to render but I was just wondering...)

Thanks for your comments.

To answer your question: there actually IS refraction in the lightsaber
case, as well as a small amount of bump. They were visible when I modelled
the case in a separate scene (no rad), but almost not visible in the final
scene. It took long to render because of the room media. The 1280*1024
version (no media) takes about 8-10 hours on a Athlon 3000+ depending on
the rad settings.


BTW: I rendered another version, with better lighting (darker out side, more
influenced by inner objects, mainly the 'TINA' neon). Should I dare once
again post it here?

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