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  Re: Pseudo IRTC - TINA CHeP Entries  
From: Bruno Cabasson
Date: 5 Mar 2007 08:25:01
Message: <web.45ec19a3e18621b9f5fba6ef0@news.povray.org>
My comments.

'This is a knot, checkered, on a plane' by Bill Pragnell
Good humour for the title and the subject, playing with words. I like to
play with the language. Good interpretation! Bill's knots are famous now,
and here is another application. I made a complex scene, Bill made simple
yet effective (though the tile-placement algo is not that simple and
requires some programming skills)! Congrats.

'TINA CheP's evolution' by Malcolm Findlay
From RSOCP to life! From cold metal and still checkered plane to living
organism (clouds included)! This is a very good interpretation, that
involves movement by definition.
The 3 ellipsis dots could be replaced by (1) something like pinocchio, (2) a
pre-human body, (3) TINA herself ... It can join somewhere next round's
theme "before and after".

'The Perils of Tina' by Thomas de Groot
Where experience speaks ... The checkered plane is a maze! How to get out? I
like the originality of the idea. Thomas' technicity serves the concept, not
the inverse! Much life in the 3 characters' attitude, mostly the guy on the
left (face, arms, hands, fingers ...). The walking man at the background
makes me imagine a scenario: when trapped in the maze, people react and try
to escape, making conflictuous discussions, then, after a while, you have
the solution of resignation and/or madness. This image appears clearly like
an instant-snapshot. I also like the eye-blink to the IRTC admins ... Well
done Thomas!

'tc2' by Verm
A Goban is not a checkered plane. What a curiosity for chess pieces! No
problem for the knight (quite diffucult to model), I did not notice it
wasn't there! Good lighting. It is quite easy to 'anthropomophize' the
pieces, and I second Jim in that.

'Crash' by Andrey K.
Funny idea. I wish I could do that 'just for fun', especially the brush and
its marks on the paper! Bad luck the painter put the red paint down, he was
so close to the end!

'Tina entertains the boys at the POV Club' by Steve Paget
The dancing floor at POV club could certainly not be a checkered plane.
Maybe there is a spinning reflective faceted sphere on the ceiling! Nice
modeling for the floor. Tina's attitude is not 'hot' at all. Using DAZ's
Victoria character as Tina's human incarnation was a good idea.
Technically, I think the lighting was not as simple as it might appear at
first look ... Because it looks obvious.

'2mice ' by Steve Shelby
No checkered plane. No checkered aeroplane either! Made me laugh. Took me a
few seconds to understood the relationship with the fly. The mices are
cute, though they are made basic. The fly is very well done! Few objects,
but nice interpretation! Deserves to go further with the texture/material
of the cheese.

'HERE'S LOOKING AT HUES, KID' by Michael Chelmecki
A checkered world but this is not a checkered aeroplane! Good idea and
another play with words. Excellent modelling of the plane, mainly the
detailed wheels, and (of course) very nice texture! Companies can take
example from it. There also could be checkered clouds ...

'Final' by Jim Charter
I can't find words to comment Jim's technique. A checkered character with
checkered ... shadow! Bluffing image! My hat off! I'll have a close look to
the source ...

'TINA CheP spheres' by Malcolm Findlay
I like the simplicity and the instanciation of the reverse concept of RSOCP,
wich could be CSORP. Very eye-pleasant variations of the yellow color.

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