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  Re: Pseudo IRTC - TINA CHeP Entries  
From: Bruno Cabasson
Date: 1 Mar 2007 10:05:00
Message: <web.45e6eac6e18621b9f5fba6ef0@news.povray.org>
Thanks for your comments. I'll render a 1280*1024 with better radiosity but
without media, and post the whole package. The whole thing is about 5700
lines of code (flower excluded). Congrats to the other participants, nice


"Mike the Elder" <zer### [at] wyanorg> wrote:
> Comments for TINA CheP participants:
> (The feedback that one receives from other participants has always been one
> of my favorite aspects of the IRTC. I hope that we will include something
> like it in the new version.)
> 'This is a knot, checkered, on a plane' by Bill P.:  I find the image
> interesting both aesthetically and technically.  Thanks for the info on the
> "two-pass" calculation  method.  I think I’ll be swiping… er…
um… I mean
> paying homage to it fairly soon.
> ‘TINA CheP's evolution’ by Malcolm F.:  A clever idea nicely done.  Far
> being "angry" about the inclusion of a checkered plane, I think it was a
> well-placed element that facilitated an understanding of your concept.  The
> relative simplicity of the elements that you mentioned in your text file
> actually enhances the image rather than detracting from it, since ray
> tracing itself is an important part of the subject matter.
> ‘The Perils of Tina’ by Thomas de G.:  I like this image MUCH better
than I
> do most images with Poser figures.  It has real drama and humor to go with
> an interesting story and shows real creativity on the part of the artist.
> ‘tc2’ by Verm:  A nice composition that transforms what could have been
> merely inanimate objects into characters in a story. Definitely a worthy
> effort.
> ‘Crash’ by Andrey K.:  You’ve done a very good of something that I
> find difficult, making a ray traced object look "hand-made".  I also like
> the fact that you chose the dimensions of the image to fit the subject
> matter rather than to fit a computer screen.
> 'Tina entertains the boys at the POV Club' by ~Steve~:  I’m really glad to
> see that the fire fighters in your community are not forced to live and
> work in a blandly decorated station.  I’m not sure, however, that the
> outfit that the young lady is wearing is suitable for fighting a major
> conflagration.  What…? That’s NOT a fire station?  Well, I’ve
> never been in another kind of building with poles like that!   ;-)
> Seriously, nice job, especially with the lighting.
> ‘2mice’ by Steve S.:  A fun and enjoyable take on the topic. Besides,
> can never have too many visual puns. You MIGHT be able to get that
> translucent effect that you wanted by rendering an ever so slightly
> larger(scale y*1.001 or there about) version of the cheese AROUND the
> existing one with some filter and transparency values.
> 'This is not a checkered plane' by Jim C.:  Thanks for a very interesting
> and creative image. The information on the "interleaved images" technique
> is most appreciated.  One of the best things about the IRTC, pseudo or
> otherwise, is that I learn something new every time.
> ‘povlab’ by Bruno C.: I found it to be a pleasing image full of
> objects, patterns and colors.  Because of the render issues you mentioned,
> I get the distinct impression that there is much to the image design that
> can not really be appreciated in the posted render.  If you ever have a
> chance to render it as you wished and could post a link to it, I, for one,
> would love to see it.

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