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  Where to post your final TINA CHeP images.  
From: St 
Date: 26 Jan 2007 14:30:00
Message: <web.45ba55753db9041372ad3300@news.povray.org>
Hey, hi all.

  For those entering the 'Pseudo IRTC' topic of 'TINA CHeP' ~ 'This Is Not A
CHequered Plane' competition, please send your submission to:


      mr_gold at tiscali.co.uk


  If you can send your files* in a zipped format, this would be appreciated.

  * Files to be included are:

.. One 'FINAL' image at a maximum size of 250Kb's in any common graphic

  that you prefer.

  (Final image is to be submitted no later that 28th February, although, if
I wake up and find a few extra's, they will be included too - taking into
account time differences, I will allow a full 24 hours UK time, but no more
after that.)

.. One text file basically explaining how you made and rendered the image.

  (If it's possible to use the present IRTC text file, then I think this
will be good, but please someone, let me know about this. This subject is
open for discussion in this thread for the time being.)

  Finally, please understand that *I* respect all copyright laws globally,
and I'm not going to produce a thousand T's for the Summer holidays. So,
your image is safe with me.

  Ok guys and girls, submit away, and more to the point, ENJOY YOURSELVES!

  I think more than anything, this is the *true* spirit of the IRTC.

  If I've missed anything out, please let me know.

  Good luck all, I'm certainly looking forward to seeing the results! :o)



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