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  Re: New topic?  
From: Andrey K 
Date: 18 Jan 2007 02:40:00
Message: <web.45af2410dc71f6c48123242a0@news.povray.org>
"Hildur K." <hil### [at] 3dcafemailevery1net> wrote:
> Has a new topic been announced yet for the stills round?
> Just wondering.
> Hildur

I think, there is some problems. (It is very deep thinking :) ).

1. Problems with WEB-submission form, for example, exist for few month.

2. Problems with September-October 2006 stills round - submissions for this
round first allocated in 2006-12-31 folder, and then it was moved.

3. Problems with receiving answer messages and so on.

May be current topic "Complexity" be a last topic? B-r-r-r. :(

P.S. Sorry for my language.

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