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  Re: No IRTC site activity - Cause for concern?  
From: Mike the Elder
Date: 13 Sep 2005 15:55:01
Message: <web.43272e087672507f11fdaad0@news.povray.org>
I sent a message off to the IRTC folks and got a reply from Bill Mars. (text
follows) It would seem the IRTC could use a little help and support.  I've
volunteered to help out where I can and hope others will do the same.
Bill's Message:
Hi Michael,

We're OK.  There was a problem with round with email submissions.  So, just
this week, we accepted 3 entries that had been lost.  Since, it wasn't the
artist's fault, we felt that was important.

But, also, there's just the usual issue of us being rather late in
processing the round.  We actually have a regular habit of doing this, so
I'm a little surprised by your reaction.

There is some work being done to further streamline the process and our hope
is to be able to process rounds in a more timely manner some time in the
future.  But, there's no guarantee.  More likely, we'll continue to be late

Personally, I do feel kind of bad about this, but on the other hand, I also
feel very burnt out from helping run the IRTC for many years now.  When
I've expressed this in the past, no one seemed able or willing to step up
to take my place.  So, you get what you pay for.


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