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  Re: 1/4th over  
From: The Mad Hatter
Date: 18 Mar 2005 17:50:01
Message: <web.423b5ab0f879db5721eaaf60@news.povray.org>
> >
> I am wishing that I had chosen an easier topic--think I have bitten off
> more than I can handle this time, but it's too late to change lanes now.
> Well, if I don't finish in time to submit, at least I will have learned
> a lot... ;)

It has been in my experience that those who doubt their work tend to outrank
over those who do.  There is often the newbie who puts together a few boxes
and expects to come off with a top ranking.

Those on the other hand who are prefectionists, well... are never satisfied
I do remember once I decided to not bother entering one of my images,
because I figured it wasn't looking good enough.  But looking back now at
that unfinished project, I think it looked damn good.  I should of
continued with it at the time but no point now crying over spilt milk.

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