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  Re: Rules violations?  
From: James A Coons
Date: 9 Nov 2004 05:35:01
Message: <web.41909c4ea5a3c645d1d60310@news.povray.org>
Since there is a 250K file size limit on submissions, I think it is
necessary to allow resizing and recompression. I render to TGA at 1024x768
for the best quality, then compress to JPEG for final submission. However,
I may have to shrink it to meet the 250K size. I can do this by (a) JPEG
Compression, (b) resizing or (c) JPEG Compression and resizing. If resizing
and compression is NOT to be allowed, then the size limitations should be
removed OR a standard image resolution should be determined. At any rate,
you will never make everyone happy. When I resize an image (up or down), I
have the option within ThumbsPlus to "resample" the image, which in effect,
does a sort of "blurring" on the image. If I turn off the resampling
option, then I get HORRIBLE pixelation, especially if I have rendered in
POV-Ray without good anti-aliasing.

Without doing a lot of test renders, it might be difficult to come up with a
good resolution that would both produce a high-quality image and fit within
the 250K File Size.

Technically, the "spirit" of post-processing is the issue, which is why it
is (so far) legal to insert a Title/copyright, resize the image, convert
file formats and JPEG compression.

One entry in the "Toys and Games" competition indicated that the contrast
was adjusted, which to me was a violation of the rules. Consequently, I
gave it a low rating. The resulting "contrast-adjusted" image might produce
an image that would be impossible to achieve directly within the renderer,
which should be one criteria for exclusion of the post-processing.

Also, I think that certain renderers have advantages over POV-Ray, which at
times makes the competition seem unfair (however, I'm not complaining).
Also, if I don't have access to (or don't choose to use) other, more
advanced tools (such as Splineditor, Spatch, 3DS, TerraGen, image_maps,
etc), it instantly becomes more difficult to generate "advanced" images.
That is why during the competition, I "notice" what tools were used in
comparison to what was produced, file comments, descriptions, etc, and
score accordingly.

Of course, one wouldn't normally expect a first-time entrant to produce the
same quality results as someone that has done it for years and has access
to several advanced tools. Sorry, I seem to have diverted from the topic.

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