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From: gonzo
Date: 10 Dec 2003 19:10:01
Message: <web.3fd7b578dbad4c4fa0c272b50@news.povray.org>
Mark Slone wrote:
>I also liked Forgotten neighborhood. I thought Old barn was impressive,
>and I was disappointed there weren't more of those type images. I'm big
>on realism and technical achievement and those two were near the top in

Yes, and having tried Blender a few times, and found it not-at-all user
friendly, I'm always impressed when someone can produce something of
quality like Old Barn with it.

>While not technically perfect, I rated the Champ highly and was
>surprised it scored out of the top ten; maybe its concept was not direct
>enough for some people, or others rate realism even more highly than I
>do. I thought some of the details were impressive and Ron always puts a
>lot of thought into the concept.

Well, I hoped it would do a bit better than it did, but wasn't expecting a
lot. I've noticed in past rounds that images that are 90% Poser don't fare
well.  I was pleasantly surprised that my concept score was the highest of
the three, I had expected to get a lot of 'off-topic' votes.

>A lot of nice "concept" or poster images this round that showed a lot of
>creativity and took the concept into directions I hadn't expected; a
>very entertaining collection.

Yes, there were several that triggered the "hey, I wish I'd thought of that"

It was hurt a bit by all the
>slapped-together skeleton images (I'm not saying they shouldn't have

And unfortunately, I suspect that hurt some of the other Bryce entries that
were actually much better.

Still, it's impressive to see what people can create in less
>than two months.

The fun is in the challenge...


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