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From: Copper Pin
Date: 16 Jun 2003 16:45:02
Message: <web.3eee2aff72064f1beee41bae0@news.povray.org>
Everyone probably knows my feelings about the billboards, but I have enough
integrity to discuss the artistic merits regardless.  That said, one of the
things I liked about this image is the attention the artist put into the
finish and presentation of the image.  That is not something you see very
often.  The ageing of the image is very effective, much improved from the
artist's previous attempt in the Old Technology round.  (BTW, comparing
bluebird.jpg to this image, I did notice the "dirt" streaks on the image
are exactly identical ;-).  The artist effectively captured not the look of
a period photo, but the sense of age of the setting.

The artist also succeeded in making architecture dynamic.  The vast majority
of architectural pictures are static by their very nature.  This image has
something happening, something changing.  Not only do we have the
transition between fundamentally different architectural styles, we also
see the modern as a work in progress.

If not for the choice of billboard, I would have ranked this image in my top
5.  I bet this picture would look good as a matte print.

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