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  Re: Problem viewing prior submissions  
From: "Jérôme M. Berger"
Date: 8 Nov 2009 15:52:39
Message: <4af72f97$1@news.povray.org>
David Buck wrote:
> Sherry Shaw wrote:
>> Glad to see the site up and running again!  It looks great!
>> Now to the problem:  I don't seem to be able to view my past 
>> submissions.  I can view the current round and can view past 
>> submissions from other users by clicking on their names.  If I click 
>> on my own name while logged in, I get the user info page, but if I 
>> click on my own name while logged out, I can only see my current 
>> submission and not any of my prior entries going back (IIRC) to 2002.
>> I had some initial difficulties getting re-registered on the new site 

>> and probably fouled something up.  ;)  Is there something to be done?
>> Thanks,
>> --Sherry Shaw
> The way I had to build the database from the old site may have assigned
> submissions to a different name than you use now.  The best thing to do
> is to locate a previous submission and let me know what round it's in 
> and the name of the submission.  From there, I can find the name it's 
> attributed to and re-assign it to your current account.  I've done this
> for several people already.
	I thought you had already done it for me, but I just noticed that 
two of my submissions didn't get reassigned to me:

	(my current ID is "jberger").

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