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From: Tek
Date: 1 Sep 2009 16:04:47
Message: <4a9d7e5f$1@news.povray.org>
I have 2 big problems with the new topic: Time (Steampunked)

Firstly, and perhaps undermining any hope of a rational argument, I do not 
like steam punk. As I see it this is a fundamental problem with it as an 
IRTC topic: you are choosing the aesthetic I must use.

Secondly, would Jules Vern's time machine count as steampunk? I mean it 
predates the whole concept, and was set in victorian times so it was 
designed that way out of necessity rather than style. And yet it has the 
correct aesthetic (to the best of my understanding) and it is a time 

This use of a specific style has not occured with any previous topic. The 
closest example I can find is "minimalism" which would at first glance 
appear to dictate the aesthetic of the image, but as the winning entry 
showed there was no reason to take that as dictating the style of scene. I 
cannot see any such broad interpretations for steam punk.

Seriously, I don't like to cause a fuss, but I really think this topic is a 
bad idea.


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