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  Re: Commenting on the Comments  
From: Doctor John
Date: 20 Jul 2009 14:33:30
Message: <4a64b87a@news.povray.org>
clipka wrote:
> Just thought I'd comment on the comments on my shot...
>> --- From Paolo Gibellini:
>> Texturing and additional sand grains are excellent. I have a minor problem
>> with the over enthusiastic use of focal depth; I can't tell if it is rust or
>> dirt in the grooves on the boule.
> Yes, when I later had a look at that shot, for some moments I wondered why I did
> that, too - but then I did recall that I had tried to get the reflected boules
> more into focus.
> As far as the rust/dirt is concerned: Does it really matter which of the two it
> is? ;)
> (Supposed to be sand though; the boules are stainless steel (or at least I think
> so) - except for the yellowish one, which is brass, and does indeed feature some
> oxidization in the grooves, though of course we can't see that here.)

Just for the record, it was me that made that comment, not Paolo. So
there seems to be some mix up in the comments database :-)

"Eppur si muove" - Galileo Galilei

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