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From: St 
Date: 8 Jul 2008 14:21:45
Message: <4873b039$1@news.povray.org>
Hey, hi Hildur, nice to see you're still around, and thanks for the 
encouraging thoughts, much appreciated.

  Yes, Colin and myself are doing our best to get this right, and so far, so 
good. I have to admit that it surely isn't the easiest of things to get 
right though because it seems something 'happens' every time it's tested. ;) 
And then these things have to be ironed-out and honed, (hopefully).

  But yes, the standard of images for me personally are certainly *very* 
inspiring. I actually feel honored in some strange way that these guys are 
producing these images for the comp. (Not including myself of course...)  ;)

   Anyway, I think it's working and as long as everyone thinks of it as 
'Fun' in a hobby kind of way, then all should be good. :)

  Hey, and don't worry about not entering, I'm sure you will one day and 
I'll look forward to that. :)


"Hildur K." <hil### [at] 3dcafemailevery1net> wrote in message 
>I was looking through the images this round and I found there are several

> mind
> about. This is highly unusual as I normally have only a one or two 
> absolute
> favorites.
> There is a stunning quality throughout and you Steve can be proud to be a 
> part
> of this (or should I say the creator of this) competition.
> Yeah I know, too bad I never seem to find the time to participate.
> Well, maybe the next round.... one can dream....

> The
> rules have been improved and the submissions are improving as well, 
> meaning
> that people are taking this seriously and putting an extra effort into 
> their
> work. Which is great.
> Anyway, just wanted to say hi!
> Hildur Kolbrun

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