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  Re: _The Mother Hive_ comments  
From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 28 Nov 2007 03:55:47
Message: <474d2d13$1@news.povray.org>
"Shay" <Sha### [at] cccc> schreef in bericht news:474c4653$1@news.povray.org...
> What did you have to resist? Sounds interesting.

Well, it is mainly different urges colliding with each other. Shall I work 
now on this scene that has been planned and/or built for a long while? Or 
shall I jump in on this new idea that imposes itself on me? Often the latter 
wins I must say, as those 'visions' are rather compulsive. On the other 
hand, the other scenes are slowly growing in spurts, at the inspiration of 
the moment and time permitting. However, one trait they have in common is 
that the initial "vision" so to speak, remains intact, only differing in 
small details like additions, omissions or transformations of particular 
elements. In the end, there are several pieces of work that probably never 
will see completion, but that is probably allright. Unconscious selection.

> I'm not suggesting that expedience guides your creative efforts. The 
> questions I had in mind were more like: "Why isn't this as nicely sun-lit 
> at 'Eavesdropping'"? "The Mother Hive" does not appear to me to be as 
> visually mature an image as "Eavesdropping." I am guessing this is due to 
> insufficient time for radiosity, media, blur, modeling-detail, etc. 
> experimentation. Perhaps not. I can only relate to what I see of my own 
> intentions in others, and not every area overlaps.
Yes, I agree with that. In such cases as "The Mother Hive", I would have 
preferred some more quiet time to experiment further with the lighting 
indeed. I don't know. For one or another reason, I have problems with some 
of the uses of fog in combination with LightSys and/or Zeger Knaepen's cloud 
macro. "Eavesdropping" was much better in that respect. I suspect that 
adding a plane of textured clouds dims the general output of the sun without 
really creating clear patches in between clouds. I shall have to investigate 
this further at leisure. I remember that I got this same effect with a cloud 
macro I wrote myself many years ago. So, in the end, I left "The Mother 
Hive" at that stage, with a note to myself to take the matter up again, 
maybe from a different angle.


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