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  _The Mother Hive_ comments  
From: Shay
Date: 26 Nov 2007 18:26:35
Message: <474b562b$1@news.povray.org>
Missed the comment window, and even the proposed two-week window for 
commenting would long since have passed by now, but I noticed today on 
the site that there was NO feedback at all on the images, so, in the 
interest of supporting Steve's endeavor, I am going to provide some here.

"Queen's Harem" by lequenne:
Anton Lavey once published a five-point outline of "Pentagonal 
Revisionism" towards which his adherents should work. Points four and 
five are:

  4. "Development and production of artificial companions ...Polite, 
sophisticated, technologically feasible slavery."
  5. "The opportunity for anyone to live within a total environment of 
his or her choice, with mandatory adherence to the aesthetic and 
behavioral standards of same"

Your image brought these points to mind, along with "Ughh! Not ANOTHER 
naked poser girl!" My understanding of the female mind is that a female 
would prefer her harem continually battling each other for her affection 
rather than locked away waiting in drawers - especially if, as the 
"Mother" concept suggests, she is keeping this harem for the purpose of 
procreation. Perhaps this is a barren queen who, refusing to admit her 
procreational inviability, is searching desperately for a serviceable 
mate. There are lots of places you could have gone beyond cyber-titillation.

"Concerned Hive" by Nudel:
A clean-looking scene even with the blotchiness. Nice bees. Can't say I 
laughed at your humor, but the concept of _MotherING Hive_ has enough 
interest to carry this simple entry.

"Swarm" by Afishionad:
The image is a compliment to your story, but doesn't "do" much on its 
own. Some indication that this was the first (Mother) hive of the 
invasion would  have made this more interesting. Where did they 
choose/happen to land? What were the immediate consequences? Why might 
the problem have been ignored for some amount of time? What remains of 
the measures man has taken against this particular hive? Did man perhaps 
unwittingly contribute to the spread of these hives? Conflict (the 
destruction of the planet) only propels a story, it doesn't create one.

"Lot 271828 - Silver and Gold" by stephen:
A blunt pictorial account of a magical ceremony. How the clan expect to 
benefit from this ceremony is unclear. Some magic to keep the women 
young is how this usually works, I guess. With a VERY, VERY, VERY deep 
understanding of the history of your fictional world, the knowledge that 
such a clan committed human sacrifice might indeed be shocking. Looking 
at the picture alone, it is not clear to me that a human sacrifice is 
taking place at all.

"The Mother Hive" by ThomdeG:
I appreciate the work of all those who are prolific and resolute enough 
to keep this challenge going through the early stages. With an 
experienced artist like yourself, many "whys" come to mind when a new 
work is presented. I believe, however, given the pace you have been 
keeping, that the answer to most of these "whys" would be the same: 
expedience. Pods on stilts, eh? Perhaps the mothers should have built it 
stronger; These totalitarian utopias never seem to last long before the 
"barbarism" of the subjugated returns to the surface.

"The Homecoming" by Steve:
Robotic flying ants with high-collared humanoid heads? MUST be 25ct. You 
do things that no other person in this community would. Of course the 
ants are dusty -they've been working all day-, but I wouldn't have 
thought of it (and I'm a worker). These tiny hints of 
anthropomorphisation and "cybermorphisation" give this image a nice 
WTF-ness. Glad to see your skewed perspective coming out in your 
challenge entries.


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